Take Your Revenue Potential to the Next Level

How to increase your commercial income in the short term? CPS Network offers two proven turnkey solutions that are easy to set up. CPS Network is a point of contact for associations and community media belonging to a network, and for advertisers wishing to reach these communities.

We Offer Tools to Generate Additional Income, a Sales Force and Ways to Reach Your Target Audience by Increasing the Number of Contact Points.

CPS Network is a CPS Media entity that has a very specific mission : to provide the necessary tools to associations that are part of a network and to community media, in order to generate additional revenues in the short term. The CPS Network team has detailed knowledge of your issues, your strengths, and your weaknesses. It is from these challenges that we have developed our solutions, with the goal of helping you overcome them. These solutions have been designed to allow you to carry out your projects, your objectives, and thus give you the financial means necessary to pursue your associative and media ambitions.

Increasing the financial potential of your organization is our primary motivation. Reaching your target customers with just one click is what we do. Let’s see how we can optimize your financial potential with our tools.

Solution #1: Build A Partnership Plan

First of all, it is important to know your aspirations in terms of income, the efforts currently implemented, and your openness as to the opportunities that we could set up to meet your objectives. The first solution proposed is to build a partnership or sponsorship plan in order to build lasting strategic partnerships. Once the partnership is concluded, the CPS Network team makes every effort to optimize the sponsorship and deploy it on both sides. The associations that communicate with us do not always know where to start to generate income. We support them through each step and our results speak for themselves. The same applies when it comes to setting up an advertising structure for community media. So, by sponsorship and targeting the right people, at the right time, in the right channel, we make sure to build winning strategic alliances for all stakeholders. In addition, the proposed solutions are proven, effective, and easy to implement. Our team is working to guide you to the best practices in the industry to generate higher revenues.

Solution #2: Automating

Concretely, we have developed solutions to automate the transmission of advertisements from advertisers who want to join your association, your media, and your community. Our sales force communicates with companies that want to promote their services or products to customers like yours. Our web ad server then automates the placement of ads on your website and in your newsletters. In addition, we create sponsorship programs that suit the needs of each party, and that seize the opportunities that are most interesting to you and to advertisers. Our team works closely with you to think about the best event or advertising strategy and supports you step by step in this process, which is often new for many associations or community media.

The Strength of a Network

Our great knowledge of your specific industry and how you operate gives us a definite advantage. In fact, knowing your needs and the opportunities in communication, marketing, advertising, training offers, or job offers, allow us to support you so that you can seize all the business opportunities that exist. Our greatest advantage comes from our in-depth knowledge of the advertising market in your sector of activity, our knowledge of your associative concerns, and the operation of the sponsorship industry. The strength of the network emerges from the fact that CPS Network is attractive to advertisers and sponsors because it brings together several associations from the same industry. The strength of the number prevails at the level of the advertisers and their interest is obviously increased by the relevant opportunities which are offered to them via a one-stop shop. In addition, they benefit from a significant economy of scale by collaborating with us. The two parties benefit from each other and our role is to facilitate and simplify this connection. We are the central pivot through which associations, community media, and organizations (advertisers) seize their business opportunities.

Moreover, the privileged relationships that we maintain with a large number of local and national advertisers can also benefit from your audience. There must be access to a critical mass to be able to access national advertisers, and CPS Network holds, by force of number, this privilege and wants to allow smaller associations that might not attract these national advertisers by themselves, to benefit from it. We offer national advertisers a simplification and standardization of their advertising spaces and we facilitate access to small associations that would not have had access to these advertising campaigns if it had not been for the attraction of the network. These are WIN-WIN strategic alliances that are created in this very specific context.

Here are some testimonials from collaborators

CPS Media is a real business partner for us. In fact, on several occasions we were invited by CPS Media to meet with the executives of professional associations to analyze their needs, which in some cases resulted in us putting together a proposal that ended up being accepted. Generally, when CPS Media collaborates with a professional association, it makes our task a little easier: media and event investment opportunities are clear and well organized. Great complicity!

Daniel LefebvreDirector, Client Services - Desjardins


  • Advertising sales (digital and traditional media)
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Booth space sales for various events
  • Research and negotiation of major, national partnerships
  • Sales and management of job opportunity
  • Sales and management of online training offers
  • Customer sales reports
  • Digital activations


  • Strategic planning for maximizing commercial revenues
  • Strategic support in communication and marketing
  • Strategic support before, during, and after events
  • Sales management
  • Management and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Business development
  • Sales analysis and reporting
  • Competition analysis
  • Comparative studies
  • Evaluation of advertising offers and sponsorship offers
  • Establishment of price list
  • Establishment of 360° offers
  • Development of commercial offers
  • Media creativity


  • Advertising material management
  • Event visibility management
  • Using a web ad server
  • Creation of ideas and conception of sales tools (partnership program)
  • Graphic design service
  • Writing
  • Content review
  • Content Marketing


  • Billing
  • Account recovery
  • Tax management (principal-agent relationship)
  • Sending proofs of publication and performance reports for advertising placements