In Need of Advertising Revenue? CPS Network Is Your Best Ally in Advertising Placement. Here’s why.

CPS Network has access to significant advertising funds, which must be committed through advertising campaigns disseminated by community media. If you are not yet part of our distribution network, it’s never too late to take advantage!

Why Choose Us?

CPS Network is a major player in advertising placement with community print media and community TV. We actively solicit and collaborate closely with the departments that wish to deploy their information campaign, with renowned media placement agencies, Crown corporations, NPOs, private advertisers, and national advertisers who want to launch their advertising campaigns across your media.

We Take Care of Everything

Our role is to facilitate your operations. We have established a simplified system comprising a fair and equitable price structure, standardized and easy-to-set up advertising formats, a web-advertising server allowing to automate the placement of banner ads without having to deal with them manually. . . In addition, we take care of the canvassing part of potential advertisers, the complete management of advertising material (format compliance, tracking of time to obtain material, creation of material as needed, etc.), as well as the entire billing component for advertisers and accelerated payment to community media (15 days after receiving proof of publication). In this regard, CPS Network in order to ensure prompt payment from major agencies, agrees to provide a 2% discount on gross sales. We also make sure to provide proof of publication and related statistics. Our service is as you could say … turnkey!

2% of CPS Network’s Gross Revenue is Donated to Community Media Associations.

CPS Network has pledged to donate 2% of its gross revenues to the Quebec Association of Community Written Media (AMECQ), the Federation of Independent Community Televisions of Quebec (FTCAQ), the Canadian association of community television users and stations (CACTUS) and the Association of Community Radio Stations of Quebec (ARCQ), if applicable. This voluntary commitment is tangible proof of our allegiance to the local community media.

Our Interest in Community Media is Manifest and Reflected in Our Support Service, Which Qualifies as Volunteering!

The entire CPS Network team firmly believes in the importance of community media, be it local newspapers, community print media, community TV, or community radio. This is the reason we are dedicated to providing a human, courteous, personalized, highly professional service and flawless support. We also want to optimize your advertising revenue by providing you with best practices in the industry. Our contribution is also quantified in hours so that we can find solutions to make your work as pleasant as possible. We are fully aware of your situation, your lack of resources, or your specialized expertise in certain fields, and we firmly believe in favouring your distribution networks rather than those of GAFA.