A Single Point of Contact to Access the Community Media Network

Avoid communicating individually with independent media and instead advertise or broadcast in the community media network (print, TV, radio) through a single point of contact. Simple, efficient, and standardized.

A Single Point of Contact to Ensure You Publish in the Right Media, at the Right Time, and According to a Fair and Standardized Price List

CPS Network allows you to join community media (community print media and community TV) under one roof. Advertisers wishing to reach all of the community media would normally have to communicate directly with each of the media, find the contact information for the right person, and then explain their needs, confirm their budget, confirm the location of their advertising, publication dates, advertising formats and dimensions, deadlines, material production, ensure the conformity of the material, obtain proofs of publication, traffic statistics, follow-ups, and manage the billing. We agree that that’s a whole lot of steps for a single community media, isn’t it? To reach two community media, multiply these procedures by two.

At CPS Network, we want to promote access to community media by facilitating and simplifying these procedures. A single point of contact for a multitude of community media. A single invoice, standardized advertising formats, the obtaining of statistics and proofs of publication, tailor-made communication plans, rigorous follow-ups on our part to ensure the conformity of your advertising and the publication of this on time and in the place provided.

médias communautaires

Announcing in Community Media Has Never Been Easier!

In addition to ensuring that this microscopic management comes back to us, we also offer the graphics service. And since community media all have their own individual rates, by doing business with us, community media adhere to standardized pricing based on cost per mile. The principle of the price grid based on a universal and fair principle allows us to simplify access to the desired media, according to the budgets that are granted to you. Our goal is to democratize access to community media here in Quebec by simplifying the entire publication process at the local level. GAFAs are certainly assets not to be neglected through your advertising strategies. However, in terms of acquisition cost per conversion, community media can certainly prove to be a wise choice by being advantageous in several respects.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to validate this information with one of our experts.

Reach Your Target Audience Better Than Before

In order to democratize the publication process in community media, we also have access to statistics concerning the profile of readers or listeners, the regions or cities where these media radiate, and data from the certified circulation. In summary, we believe in the deployment of your message through the local media, through a simple, effective solution that perfectly meets your schedule and your advertising budget.