COVID-19 has had a major impact on this year’s events, most of which have been cancelled or postponed. However, when it comes to ongoing training events allowing your PMP members to maintain their license, the impact is even greater. This leaves members having to find alternative options that they risk sticking with after the crisis.

What if we had an affordable way to turn your event into a virtual experience?

Equipped with its own technology for holding small- to large-scale virtual events, CPS Network’s turnkey solution for partners is fun and easy to use, and can be adapted for events ranging from a half-day to more than a week.

The first PMI chapter to adopt this technology is PMI Central Virginia in Richmond, Virginia, whom we’d like to thank for their trust in CPS Network regarding the solution’s implementation for their Professional Development Week in September.

Solution features

  • Complete or personalized agenda
  • List of speakers
  • Creation of participant profiles
  • Networking among participants
  • Broadcasting of pre-recorded or live conferences
  • And much more

CPS Network goes even further.

With solid experience in sponsorship, advertising and event exhibitor management for associations, CPS uses the app’s virtual showroom features to partially or fully monetize your event. In short, the presence of virtual partners and exhibitors on the app lets you fund part of the event costs, enabling the promoter to maintain reasonable participation fees at the same time.

To learn more about this solution offered to CPS Network partners, contact us today or set up a presentation.