How to Simplify Your Operations by Automating Your Advertising Placements?

CPS Network has a web-advertising server that allows advertisements to be placed across various media, automatically, without you having to do a thing. We even manage the compliance of advertising material, billing, and communications with advertisers and associations.

Our Team Takes Care of the Management of Your Advertising Placements While You Work on Other Exciting Projects!

Do you lack the time to communicate with your partners, your sponsors, collect invoices, follow up, manage the performance statistics of an advertisement, its compliance and advertising placements?


CPS Network is recognized for its meticulousness in the advertising management of its business partners. In addition to managing the expectations and objectives of advertisers who wish to display advertisements across your network, we take care of monitoring the advertisements to be broadcast so that compliance and deadlines are met. In addition, our centralized service facilitates the efficient and automated implementation of advertising placements and billing and follow-up management. In addition, we send proof of publications accompanied by invoicing to free you from these tasks.

A Single Point of Contact for Your Advertising and Sponsorship Partnerships

Our expertise does not stop with the management of advertising material and invoicing. We are a central point of contact combining performance, data, and measurement. Our solutions cover all of your advertising dissemination needs, ranging from finding advertising partners to measured dissemination of advertising in your media. In addition, our marketing department is able to support you in your marketing strategy in order to unite the needs on both sides of your ecosystem and your financial and operational objectives. In short, we take care of everything.

CPS Network: An Innovative Ally for Advertising Partners

Are you targeting a specific clientele? Is your marketing department seeking a return on investment to generate qualified prospects while reducing acquisition costs? Rest assured—we speak the same language as you and we get it. We collaborate with our partners so that you can access the key performance indicators you’re looking for, thus facilitating the performance measurements of the advertisements you broadcast through the media we offer. The partnership programs that we build are oriented towards innovation, experience, the achievement of your objectives, and the interest of your target clientele. We also offer support services for experiential solutions for your kiosks.

Solutions Adapted to Your Reality

If one or more of the following statements reflect your reality, CPS Network can certainly help you!

Lack staff?

Volunteers collaborate to ensure the operations of the association or community media?

You don’t know where to start to increase your income?

Wondering how to reach your marketing target at a single point of contact?

How to optimize your return on investment in terms of advertising or partnership?

How to build a sponsorship program?

How to find sponsors?

How to generate added value for the members or your community?

All these issues can be resolved thanks to our turnkey services. Here are the details.

Here is our full proposal for our turnkey solutions


  • Advertising sales (digital and traditional media)
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Booth space sales for various events
  • Research and negotiation of major, national partnerships
  • Sales and management of job opportunity
  • Sales and management of online training offers
  • Customer sales reports
  • Digital activations


  • Strategic planning for maximizing commercial revenues
  • Strategic support in communication and marketing
  • Strategic support before, during, and after events
  • Sales management
  • Management and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Business development
  • Sales analysis and reporting
  • Competition analysis
  • Comparative studies
  • Evaluation of advertising offers and sponsorship offers
  • Establishment of price list
  • Establishment of 360° offers
  • Development of commercial offers
  • Media creativity


  • Advertising material management
  • Event visibility management
  • Using a web ad server
  • Creation of ideas and conception of sales tools (partnership program)
  • Graphic design service
  • Writing
  • Content review
  • Content Marketing


  • Billing
  • Account recovery
  • Tax management (principal-agent relationship)
  • Sending proofs of publication and performance reports for advertising placements