How to Increase the Commercial Income of Your PMI Chapter?

CPS Network offers you a five-step recipe to help generate higher revenue for your chapter, to increase the added value with your members, and help you structure your offer. Would you like to start maximizing the potential of your chapter today?

Income Generation, a Story of Historic Business Partners

The PMI chapters wish to optimize the value of the offer made to their members and increase their income to carry out their projects, create events for their members, and improve their corporate memory. To get there, we offer a simple recipe consisting of five steps.


Look for partnerships to increase the value of your offer to your members and create strategic alliances with relevant sponsors who wish to address your members.


Offer them business opportunities that only you, as a chapter, can offer to these partners willing to do business with you.


Create interesting, measurable, and sustainable opportunities.


Survey to be able to improve your relationships with these partners and with your members.


Implement these improvements, measure and respond. It’s important to understand that these steps must be thought through and well executed so that the financial impact is palpable in the short and medium term.

CPS Network carefully plans, structures, and implements a rigorous methodology behind each step to ensure success. Our team offers to support you or take charge of the project, depending on what kind of collaboration you’re seeking. It is possible to opt for a turnkey service or strategic support depending on the stage that concerns you most.

In addition, rest assured that our employees are committed to your success, which is why they’re committed to helping you and advising you on current best practices in the field of revenue optimization, sales, and management of strategic partnerships. We also collaborate with several PMI chapters to guide them towards winning strategies in terms of events and experience. Our expertise is sprawling and we want to share it with chapters like yours. To testify to the strength of our team, watch this short video demonstrating the Montreal PMI chapter’s success.

CPS Media is truly a business partner for us. Indeed, on several occasions, we have been invited by CPS Media to meet leaders of professional orders to make a needs analysis, which has led, on a few occasions, to the submission of tenders, which ultimately have been accepted by them. Generally, when CPS Media works with a professional order it makes our job easier: the investment possibilities in media and events are clear and organized. A great bond!

Daniel LefebvreProfessional Customer Manager - Desjardins

Personalized and courteous service, listening to the client’s needs and the market’s trends.

Louise FournierPMI-Montréal

Increase the Value Offered to Your Members

The more relevant members you have, the more business partners want to invest financially to address this highly valued clientele. The more partners you have, the stronger your offer to your members is. The stronger your offer, the more members you have and so on. It is an infinite circle that helps ensure a maximized return. Through this cycle, you still have to integrate distinctive elements and opportunities for your members AND for your partners. Now, how can you increase the value offered to your members? By proposing solutions relevant to their work or personal development. For example, making a job offer platform accessible increases the perceived value of your offer to members and could encourage potential new members to join your chapter. Another solution is to offer specific and exclusive discounts to your members. The third solution that we offer is to create a narrative frame around your events in order to make them highly attractive and by setting up events that generate engagement with your chapter.

Job Posting

CPS Network offers turnkey solutions in the form of support or full takeover. Here are the suggested solutions for your chapter.

We have created a job offer platform 100% dedicated to project managers. This geolocated platform offers a unique experience to recruiters and project managers while ensuring a transparent experience for the user since it takes up the visual of your PMI chapter website. In addition to generating income quickly, no effort comes from your chapter. We take care of soliciting potential local or national recruiters and we prepare the content that you can distribute to your email list to promote the job offers platform. The more job offers associated with your chapter, the more income you receive.

Here are four major benefits of the job platform:

  • Easy integration
  • Career opportunities for your members (a benefit highly valued by them)
  • A transparent experience for your web visitors
  • A shared revenue model with no activation or annual fees

Jobs posted per month

NET revenue per month*

NET revenue per year*


To schedule a short presentation of the platform, click here.

Our services

Here is our full proposal for our PMI chapter solutions.


  • Advertising sales (digital and traditional media)
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Booth space sales for various events
  • Research and negotiation of major, national partnerships
  • Sales and management of job opportunity
  • Sales and management of online training offers
  • Customer sales reports
  • Digital activations


  • Strategic planning for maximizing commercial revenues
  • Strategic support in communication and marketing
  • Strategic support before, during, and after events
  • Sales management
  • Management and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Business development
  • Sales analysis and reporting
  • Competition analysis
  • Comparative studies
  • Evaluation of advertising offers and sponsorship offers
  • Establishment of price list
  • Establishment of 360° offers
  • Development of commercial offers
  • Media creativity
  • Personalization (consents, target segmentation, socio-demographic profile, functions, distribution, remuneration, common characteristics, etc.)


  • Advertising material management
  • Event visibility management
  • Using a web ad server
  • Creation of ideas and conception of sales tools (partnership program)
  • Graphic design service
  • Writing
  • Content review
  • Content Marketing


  • Billing
  • Account recovery
  • Tax management (principal-agent relationship)

Here are the chapters with whom we collaborate