Virtual Event

Deliver a memorable experience with our hybrid and virtual event platform.

Want to organize a virtual event? Looking for affordable virtual event software to turn your current event into one that’s virtual or hybrid?

CPS Network offers a simple, affordable and effective way to make your events memorable, dynamic and engaging, in virtual or hybrid format.

Now you can turn your compelling virtual event ideas into a dynamic experience using our intuitive platform, available on Google Play, the App Store and online.

This downloadable app can be customized to reflect your brand image, allowing you to create a truly positive experience for your audience before, during and after the event.

Hybrid and virtual event planning made easy with our two options.

OPTION 1: Self-managed solution

  • Access to the virtual or hybrid event platform
  • Highly customizable platform–see details below
  • Platform training included for content integration and event creation (2 hours)
  • Optional bank of hours for technical support
Application CPS Network Events
Événement virtuel

OPTION 2: Turnkey solution

  • Access to the live and virtual events platform
  • Complete event organization and logistics (streaming event or pre-recorded video in studio)
  • Content creation and integration in the platform
  • Speaker guidance, support and instructions
  • Virtual ecosystem design and customization of options
  • Creation of super banners, visuals and break videos, plus video editing
  • Pre-presentation meeting and testing
  • Support during the virtual event, including from the moderators and technical team

Virtual platform options at a glance:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly app and web interface (laptop, cell phone, tablet – Google Play, App Store, online)
  • Broadcasting of pre-recorded content (studio recording)
  • Broadcasting of real-time content (live session) (moderator, host, speakers)
  • Simultaneous conferences (participants may choose)
  • Interaction with participants (, guests, speakers, exhibitors)
  • Virtual trade shows and booths
  • Several sponsorship opportunities (possibility of creating a customized sponsorship program to suit your event)
  • Gamification
  • Tailored program personalized by participants
  • Networking system (with or without appointments), live chat, newsfeed
  • App available for 1 year

Why CPS Network?

Our collective expertise is at the service of organizations looking to make their goals and projects a reality.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding. You have both been responsive, helpful and supportive throughout this process and I am grateful for all of your help through this.

Gwen PinningtonCoaching and consulting

Want to sponsor your virtual or hybrid events?

CPS Network has extensive and recognized expertise in sponsorship, commercial revenue optimization and maximizing business opportunities between sponsors and sponsored parties. It specializes mainly in promoting and building innovative partnership programs.